RIB - Rallye

2 racing inflatables, 2 target co-ordinates and just one goal: Arrive first!

The RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats) which are used in the Powerboat Rally, have nothing in common with the famous "bright red rubber boat". These high-speed inflatable boats are as fast and agile as speedboats, designed for offshore use, and are used by the Navy Seals or Greenpeace for actions on high seas, for example.

You fight for the RIB Trophy in two teams, with a speed up to 55 knots, try to solve the puzzle and win the powerboat rally. Come aboard and fly with us over the waves!

Preis 75,- pro Person mehr dazu Ticket kaufen

RIB - Tour

Jump in and let's go!

At the beginning of your speedboat tour, you will receive a briefing on the RIB  and you will receive a life jacket and protective weather clothing. On the side of a professional skipper and boat leader you will feel the rush of speed deep inside you. Fly over the water and feel like James Bond 007.

An adventure for the whole family!

Preis 39,- pro Person mehr dazu Ticket kaufen
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  • Die Rally beginnt
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